Friday 3 February 2012

The Other Life By Susanne Winnacker Release Party

On Wednesday 1st February, 2012 Casey and myself were invited to the release day lunch for ' The Other Life'.
As you know Casey reviewed the book for us here at Dark Readers, she truly loved the novel and we were both delighted to meet the lovely Susanne.
Casey has had many conversations with Susanne on Twitter and was over the moon to finally meet her.
What made me smile so much was when Casey opened 'The Other Life'  her quote is at the front of the book, the joy in her voice made me soooo happy, and I knew it was her by her scream ha.

What is truly remarkable is that Susanne is German yet she writes in English (what a truly talented woman eh?)

It was lovely for me to finally meet the guys from Usborne as Casey know's them really well so it was good for me to finally meet them.

The event was at the gorgeous Soho hotel in London.

Look at what we had to eat.

The Cupcakes were amazing and we all had to take photos of them.

Isn't that just the COOLEST CUPCAKE EVER!


Susanne signed for us all...we're still sooo chuffed that Dark Readers quote made the book YAY!

US bloggers and the lovely Susanne.

We would like to take this time to thank Usborne again for inviting us to a lovely event and to wish Susanne the best of luck with 'The Other Life' and we look forward to what's next?


Susanne Winnacker said...

Aww, thanks. I had so much fun!

Jesse @ Books 4 Teens said...

It sounds like a fab event, I'm glad you all had fun :D

Dark Readers said...

Susanne everything we've said in that post is 100% true.
How are you feeling now???

Jesse, Yep it was an awesome event...made even better by the quote in the book ha!

Hayley x

roro said...

glad u had fun

Rachel Rowlands said...

That looks amazing!

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