Saturday 18 February 2012

Author Interview with Julie Kagawa

So I sent Julie Some questions involving her new novel Iron Knight which is released already in the UK and The US so go get your copy! you wont be disapointed at all!

1. Did you enjoy writing as much as we loved reading Puck and Ash's
newfound friendship?

Ash and Puck are always fun to write because they play off each
other so well. They're best friends but also worst enemies, and they
have such a complicated history. The exchanges between Ash and Puck
were some of my favourite scenes to write.

2. How do you write such intense scenes?

I'm a great lover of conflict in stories, and mildly sadistic in
the fact that I'm constantly looking for ways to torment my characters.
I'll chase them up a tree and then throw rocks at them to see what
they'll do. Or I'll back them into a corner with no way out, then set
the corner on fire. I think that if characters are truly happy and
content in a novel, why are we reading about them? Conflict and anguish
and torture are vital to those tense, emotional scenes where you just
want to shake or slap or hug the characters, or at least those scenes
where the characters are fighting for their lives.

3. Are you sad to say goodbye to the series?

A little bit, but at the same time I quite satisfied with the
way the series ended. I feel like all the characters are where they
need to be, and I can let them go in peace. At least until the next
adventure. :)

4. Was Iron Knight your most favourite novel of the lot to write?

Very close, but I think that honor goes to The Iron Queen. I
did enjoy getting to write about Ash, even though there were times I
wanted to strangle him for being so closed-off. I'd be trying to write
one of those tense, emotional scenes, and he'd just cross his arms and
say nothing. That's what I get for creating a cold, unemotional
ice-faery, I guess. :P

5. Do you have any more novels planned that you can tell us about?

I do. My next series is called Blood of Eden, and is a
post-apocalyptic vampire series, beginning with the first book: The
Immortal Rules. I also have a second Iron Fey series in the works, this
time starring Meghan's little brother, Ethan, when he is older

Thanks Julie for taking the time to talk to Dark Readers it was fun!


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