Tuesday 3 January 2012

Tempest By Julie Cross Blog Tour: Julie Cross's movie cast for Tempest

Hey guys hope you had an awesome new year so the next stop on The Tempest blog tour is Julie Cross's ideal movie cast for her amazing new novel Tempest released in the UK on January 5th (TWO DAYS INFACT) check it out!

For Jackson, I’d pick, Drew Roy from the TNT show FALLING SKIES because his character in that show is so Jackson, from the relationship with his father to the boyish save-the-world charm.
Logan Lerman from THE LIGHTNING THIEF would be my second choice He’s an amazing actor and he’s done an action film already.
For Holly, either Diana Agron from GLEE.She could pull off the gymnast look and her voice is just as I always imagined Holly’s.
Or AnnaSohia Robb from SOUL SURFER. She’s super talented and really looks the part.
For Adam, Jake T Austin from WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE because he’s geeky and cute and he’s character is so dim on Disney channel, it’d be fun to see him play a genius like Adam Silverman.
For Jackson’s Dad, Mathew Davis from VAMPIRE DIARIES because TEMPEST the movie needs a good looking middle-aged character for all the moms that share books with their teenage kids and go to movies with them. A little something for the whole family

So what do you guys think? awesome choices huh? that would be one amazing movie! thanks Julie!

guys make sure you check out our review of Tempest and make sure you UK people hit stores and get Tempest! also the next stop on the blog tour is YA Reader tomorrow were they have an awesome time travel feature!


serendipity_viv said...

Ooh I did enjoy swooning throughout this post!

Anonymous said...

haha, I love the choice for Jackson's dad!

Julie said...

OMG! you found the best pictures!!

Brendan Deneen said...

Hey, wait, I thought I was playing Jackson's dad??!?!?

Jessy said...

I really do like that Logan kid from The Lightning Thief.

wcpl said...

Definitely Drew Roy, Julie.

Anonymous said...

fab post and great pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Your book was amazing Julie! I honestly couldn't turn the pages fast enough. (:

Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much for writing this book julie. Read it in one day its so good so i then read again yesterday its brilliant the second time as well. I really hope they make it a into a movie. :-)

I think AnnaSohia Robb.would be brilliant for Holly but I also think Logan Lerman would be brilliant for adam.

Deniqua Frye said...

I can't wait for the second book to come out, my librarian from school hooked me up with the advanced reader's edition and I loved it! I push onto anybody that I know enjoys reading

Jackson Meyer said...

Hey, stop selling my life in book form. These are classified CIA documents. And, they're very personal. >.>
P.S. If you're reading this Courtney, I'm not gonna tell you anything about the future.

Holly Flynn said...

Ok, who the eff are you and why do u keep pointing guns at my head then telling me you love me?

Jackson Meyer said...

Whoops, wrong year.

Unknown said...

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