Wednesday 14 December 2011

Rachel Vincent Q&A

1) Will your seventh book in the Soul screamers series be the last?
Probably. Unless sales sky rocket and the public demands more Kaylee and crew, then yes. As much as I love the Soul Screamers world (and I really, really love it), there are other books I want to write too, and
they all deserve a chance to be loved. ;)

2) How do you come up with such intense scenes?
I don't know! You know, beginning writers always ask me how I manage to make it through a book without losing interest, and all I know to tell them is that if they're getting bored with what they're writing, then
they're not writing what they were meant to write. I try to make sure that every single scene I sit down to write has at least one "wait for it" moment. You know which one I mean, right? That moment I just can't
wait to write. A revelation in the big mystery. A new character's introduction. A deeper connection between to friends, or enemies, or lovers. That first kiss. That next kiss. Whatever. I figure if I'm looking forward to something in every scene, the readers will be too.

3) Greatest moment writing The Soul Screamers series, and worst?

Um...right now, If I Die has 53 reviews at Barnes and Noble's website, and they're all five stars. That feels pretty awesome. (That'll probably change by the time this goes live.) The lowest moment I can remember in
this series was learning that My Soul To Save got a bunch of mixed reviews. People didn't connect with Addison's character enough to care whether she lived or died, and that made me sad. But it also taught me
something about character development. So in the end, even that is a highlight. ;)

4) What do you love about your UK book covers the most?

I love how they capture the feel of the books, with the smoke and the iconic figures. Also, they're just plain beautiful!

5) Are you writing anymore series after the unbound series? And do you have anything in mind at this point in time?

Yes, I always have something on the back burner. But nothing I can talk about yet.

Thank you Rachel for taking the time to talk to us and thanks to Mira Uk for organising it. UK people make sure you get you copy of My Soul To Steal its released now and AMAZING!


roro said...

great intrview

Sam (Realm of Fiction) said...

I LOVE the Soul Screamers books! Thanks for an amazing interview. :)

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