Friday 14 October 2011

Harper Collins Jack the Ripper Tour with Maureen Johnson

What an interesting night I've had. Jack The Ripper walk tour and then meeting the awesome author of The Name Of The Star Maureen Johnson. We started off at Tower hill station and made our way through the back streets of the city of London and gory side of east London.

As an east London girl myself I thought I knew a bit about Jack The Ripper but since this tour I actually had no idea. We visited the actual places the women were found dead and some of them were really creepy! It was also nice to hear Maureen talking about her book and her inspiration for Wexford.. Here's the building she designed Wexford on

Here's the actual spot were Catherine Edos was found murdered. It was said that some people didn't think It was jack the ripper because yes her throat was slashed but not the way jack supposedly did it. She had one gash on her neck.

We passed beautiful little ally ways that actually did look Victorian and you could actually close your eyes and imagen you were there in those times surrounded by busy people in bonnets, top hates and dresses with people throwing their garbage and other things *cough cough* out the window onto the street. It was so narrow that you could defiantly tell the place was very crowded and unhygienic in those times. Also check out what the place was called! its funny!

We learned that Jack the ripper was actually called the White chapel killer but a letter turned up on a police constables door that was claiming that the person who wrote the letter was from the killer himself. It was signed "Jack The ripper" but everyone knew it was a hoax. 30 years later a Journalist admitted he wrote the letter, he worked for the daily star and his reason for it was "He wanted to keep the story alive".
So we went past a lot of spooky places. As the sun went down and the old street lights of London came on I felt the tension in the air and the spookiness of London check out some pictures I took

(can you see the contrast of Victorian houses and then the big 21st century buildings? werid isnt it)

I love my city and I think after today I love it even more. I love that there is so much history and our streets show it. London is the best city in the world!

(Me and Maureen Johnson doing our zombie faces lol)



Savannah said...

AWE! Love this post! I love the pictures! I so need to go visit so you can give me a tour!

Bella said...

Wow, that sounds awesome! Glad you had fun! :D

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