Friday 28 October 2011

Halloween Booktacular: True Spooky Story From Author L.A Weatherly

Hey guys! so the awesome author of The Angel Trilogy L.A Weatherly has been awesome enough to write us a spooky true story post check it out! let us know what you think in the comments below!

For Halloween, here are two very strange things that happened to my family. I can’t explain them … but have no reason to doubt that both stories are true.

The first one happened before I was born. My parents were house hunting, and found a place that should have been perfect. It had everything they wanted – but as they went from room to room, a feeling of complete dread came over them. Both of them could hardly wait to get out of there. When they did, they stood on the sidewalk outside and looked at each other, shaken. “Something very wrong happened there,” said my mother, and though my father wasn’t usually superstitious, he agreed – to such an extent that he went to the library and looked up old newspaper stories … and found out that the house had been the setting of a murder-suicide a few years previously.
The second thing isn’t really creepy, but it’s definitely strange. It occurred after I left home, which at that time was a flat that my mother had lived in for years. My older brother still lived there, and could be pretty forgetful – he had a terrible habit of putting frozen pizzas in the oven, and then forgetting all about them and going out. This is what had happened one day when my mom came home and realised that not only had she locked her house keys inside the flat, but that smoke from the oven was pouring out from under the front door.

Convinced that she was about to lose everything she owned in a house fire, she was just about to run for the manager when a woman and small boy appeared and asked what was wrong. When Mom explained, the boy pointed out that the window was unlocked, and that he was small enough to squirm through and get into the flat, opening it from the inside. Before Mom could protest, he’d done so – and a minute later, the door was unlocked and the oven turned off.

When Mom gratefully thanked the woman and her son, they explained that they’d happened to be there because the manager had been showing them around one of the empty flats. Which made sense to Mom, because the place was gated – it was unusual to encounter strangers there.

The next day, Mom went to the manager and asked if she could have the woman’s name, so that she could send her a thank-you card. The manager looked at Mom like she was insane. “What woman?”

“Why, the one who was looking at number 32 yesterday.”

Billie, no one was looking at number 32 yesterday. I haven’t shown anyone around a flat in days.”

Mom felt her scalp prickle. And from that moment on, she was convinced that the woman and her son had been a pair of angels, sent to help her.

.... anyone else get a chill down their spine when reading this? SPOOKY!
Thanks Lee x


Giselle said...

Aaah. Ghosts stories freak me oooutt!! The woman one wasn't so bad but the feeling of dread would have kept me awake for months it if would have been me.

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Unknown said...

Oh wow, that is truly awesome! I love true ghost stories :)

Happy Halloween!

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