Sunday 30 October 2011

Halloween Booktacular: Joss Stirlings All Hallows Story + Giveaway

To celebrate Halloween Dark Readers are having a Halloween Booktacular. It will invole some guest posts from some awesome authors and some giveaways. Todays post is from Joss Stirling, she shares a All Hallows/All Saints story.

I lived for three years in Warsaw Poland and my favourite time of year was the 31st October and 1, 2 November. They have a fabulous tradition of whole families going to the local cemetery to leave flowers and candles on graves of loved ones or people they admire. My husband and I used to go up to the big city cemetery (as did thousands of others) and walk the dark paths, wrapped up against the freezing weather. It was so atmospheric - little points of light shining in constellations under the trees with people gathering to remember and toast their ancestors. Saddest were the dark spots where no one came to celebrate the person any longer; inspiring were the graves with hundreds of candles (these tended to be famous Poles - actors, writers, soldiers etc). These drew us like moths to the flame. It seemed a much more spiritual way of celebrating the season that what we get up to! It haunts my memory - so I suppose here it is a bit ghostly - and I must find the excuse to write a scene set against this backdrop.

Thanks Joss! sounds magical we would love to read that scene too!

So now we have a giveaway for you guys and it is International. If you would like to win a signed UK ARC of Stealing Phoenix Sequel to Joss's Finding Sky then fill this form. Winners Will be announced 11th of November. Goodluck



serendipity_viv said...

I have heard of this before. It sounds weird but magical at the same time.

bookworm105 said...

Thanks for the giveaway! =D

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