Tuesday 18 October 2011

Exclusive look into The Other life By Susanne Winnacker + Teaser

Yes ladies and Gentlemen we at Dark Readers couldn't contain our excitement when we recieved The Other Life by Susanne Winnacker, We heard some great things from the people at Usborne (UK Publisher) and were so overwhelmed when we recieved an ARC 6 months before its release date on Febuary 1st 2012.

As soon as I got the novel I knew I would like it! I have a huge love for Dystopian novels at the moment and this is the best one I have read...no word of a lie. If you want to read my review its here (no spoilers included)

The book is so pretty inside and out! check out the pretty butterfly ;)

Now for the teaser:

"My family - I have to go back to them! They're still in our house, in our bunker. I need to warn them about the Weepers!"
Joshua didnt slow the car. "We cant go back now"

amazing huh? even those words create so much. Whos Joshua? what are people in Bunkers? all will be reveiled Febuary 1st 2012 (UK) May 1st (US). In the mean time comment below and tell us what you think? AND come back here October 25th for the chance to win an ARC of The Other life (International) for our Halloween Booktacular also check out Susannes blog


roro said...

awsume duh been on my wishlist since june

Shari said...

Yeah, I am dying to read this!!!!

gingesmissus said...


Megan said...

I love dystopian books. I love this cover. I love butterflies. I like the details inside. Thanks for all the great pictures.

Carmen said...

I've missed so many posts! I thought I added you to my reader when I started following! Doh! Just wanted to say - I got sent this one! Don't know how or why but am NOT complaining! It's next on my list - it is truly yummy just to look at!

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