Thursday 20 October 2011

Becca Fitzpatrick signing and talk at Foyles

Well thanks yet again to Casey I found myself meeting yet another of my favourite authors.
Sadly, Casey did not join me on this adventure but she gets a mention which you will hear about later on in my review of the day.

The room for the talk was small and kind of intimate mine and my friend Debbie's first thought was there are no half naked angels DAMN! Ha! We would be surprised...
The screen was flicking through all the book covers and I decided to capture 'Silence' as it is the latest in the saga and the reason behind the signing and talk.
It all kicked off at 6.30pm when Becca entered the room with some rather dashing angels wearing black wings. (I shall be able to share my picture soon, they shall be sending it to me eeeek).
Becca started the talk but speaking of how she got into writing.
She told us that she originally wanted to become a spy but that didn't work out, although I quote she said she would have made a good one.
All us 'Hush Hush' fans have Becca's husband to thank as he enrolled her on a writing course. 
Which has brought her amazing novels our way.
Becca was asked lots of questions which included whether she'd like to see the 'Hush Hush' series in film. Becca has been approached but as it stands she doesn't want her baby changed, she did however say if the right producer came along then it may well happen.
A few inconsiderate people asked spoiler based questions which I avoided as I still haven't got round to reading my copy of 'Silence' , I am savoring Patch time.

Becca gave her advice for budding writers, she explained about writing a journal, as ordinary everyday life could come in useful someday.
She then explained that the scene in 'Crescendo' with Nora and Scott and the hot dog was based on a true story from her life.
Many people asked about the fourth in the series, Becca said once she'd finished 'Silence' she knew she wasn't ready to end the story, so she called her publisher and asked if she could do another. She was told yes! but it had to be a secret. Becca has been in limbo when many of asked if 'Silence' was the end. 
It looks like the next chapter of the series will be released next October as of yet Becca hasn't a name for it, so she would love to hear from readers so get tweeting or emailing if you have any ideas.
Another interesting question was why was the original book name scrapped? Tempest was scrapped as a new author had already written a book that was named the Tempest. So Becca was asked if she would mind changing, she thought back to when she was trying to be published and happily changed the name to 'Silence'.

I must say listening to the talk and going through the signing was a little strange without Casey. When I mentioned to Becca that I wrote for Dark Readers and that she'd previously met Casey I didn't even need to finish the sentence she said "Casey Davroen" I was smiling. 
I also mentioned how I had got a copy of the limited edition of 'Silence' and that my number was 351 and Becca said that's the lowest she's heard of so far.

I really enjoyed meeting Becca and I cannot wait to complete 'Silence' although I dread the wait for the next instalment.


serendipity_viv said...

Oh that is amazing that she knew Casey! How many fans must she meet. I am glad you had a fabulous time. It looks like an awesome event.

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