Friday 5 August 2011

Dark Readers 1 Year Blogoversary!!!

So there it is Dark Readers one year Blogoversary. I never thought I would say that let alone talking about it right now. When I first started this blog I hadn't any idea how to use blogger or how to create a network were I could talk books. When I met Dee at GCReading my first "Book Blogger friend" she was so nice and made me realise maybe I could do it. So I started making layouts started practising with blogger and eventually I got the hang of it. Now I had to start reading loads of books and Reviewing them.  I could do the first one but when it came to writing reviews my first thought was "How do I write this without giving the whole plot away?" But I kept practising and now I think I am MUCH better. Its true practise does make perfect.

After talking to loads of authors and bloggers on twitter I started to really enjoy what I do even more. Once I got to know publishers and started getting noticed I realised this could all work out. I loved that people actually took the time to read my reviews. Me? the girl who had no idea what she was doing (at first ;) ). Publishers started sending me their books to review and starting wanting me to host blog tours authors were RT my reviews on their twitters.Was this really happening? My hardwork was paying off.

My first blog tour: Angel by L.A Weatherly Published By Usborne. This Book series will always be special to me at It was the first Blog Tour I hosted and to top that off my first ever quote will be in the sequel Angel Fire coming out October 1st. Every bloggers dream/Goel is to get their quote in a novel. I want to thank Sally Who was working at Usborne at the time for giving me a chance to be on the blog tour and just being the lovely lady she is :)

One more thing before I go is that after all this. Starting my blog etc..I now have two amazing girls Hayley and Andrea who now work on Dark Readers too and I want to thank them for all their hard work with reviews and posts and I think you girls are going to go far. To all my amazing blogger friends Once upon a Twilight, Sarah reviews, Wondrous Reads, Good Choice Reading, LoveReadingx, Rhiana Reads, Pretty Books, Amanda, Savannah, Skylar and everyone else I havent mentioned (including my YA girlies on WhatsApp and Michaela Haze for her support). To the people who actually love reading and take the time to read my reviews and comment also to the Publishers who send me books you are all awesome. Heres to another year! Love Casey :) x


Anonymous said...


Lillie (AliseOnLife) said...

Congrats Casey and DR. Happy First!

Once Upon a Twilight said...

CONGRATS! Casey. May you have more more anniversary to come.

Victoria said...

Congratulations! You have a blog I love to visit EVERY day. Thank you.

prettybooks said...

Happy Bloggerversary!! Thank you for the mention :)

Good Choice Reading said...

aww girl your post just made me all teary eyed. I am happy we met (not in person, but hopefully soon). You're awesome! I feel like I've missed so much on your blog and everyone elses lately. I love chatting with you in our little chatroom lol. You're hilarious and think just like me!

Love your blog and congratz on your one year! Many more! :-)

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