Tuesday 26 July 2011

Review: Everlasting By Alyson Noel

Title: Everlasting
Author: Alyson Noel
Publisher: Panmacmillan
Release date: 7th July UK

Summary: Ever and Damen have loved and lost each other for hundreds of years-facing deadly enemies, dark secrets and a powerful curse. Now their love will be tested to the limit.
Ever and Damen finally have the chance to discover their true destiny. The choice they're about to make will unite them- or tear them apart- forever.

I must admit I both looked forward to and dreaded the day 'Everlasting' would be released.
This is the final chapter in 'The Immortals' series. I must say I'm sad that the series is over, but I cannot praise Alyson enough.

'Everlasting' starts just where 'Night Star' finished and you're back on board the emotional rollercoaster of Damen and Ever's frustrated relationship.
They are still very much in love but there is so much that stands between them and their future happiness.

Lotus is a strange character who, for part of the book, you just can't make out. I'll let you see what you think once you've finished the book.
Miles is still his loveable self, although strangely he appeals more attractive in the final book. As ever he is an amazing friend to Ever on this trying journey.

I adore Romy and Rayne. They remind me so much of Ever's kid sister, Riley Bloom.
They are such fun characters. Good and Evil or, as Ever would say, Good and Plenty.
I've always liked Ava but during the series my opinion on her has constantly changed. She is the voice of reason and understanding in 'Everlasting'.
Although they called a truce, the love triangle between Damen, Ever and Jude is still apparent.

I loved the emotion of Ever's journey. The question is, does Ever find out the truth she so desperately seeks, so that she and Damen can live the life they deserve?

Alyson Noel, what are you doing to me? Just as I think Damen and Ever's future happiness is set in stone and they've solved the puzzle, you throw in the hugest twist that makes me want to scream and stop reading. Yet makes me want to know more. You amaze me in every way.

The scenes between Damen and Ever are at there most intense in this book and I've been happy and heartbroken for them in a constant rollercoaster of emotion and enjoyment.
Every time you're about to cheer finally something goes wrong again. Or Damen or Ever make a decision the other doesn't agree with. It gets to a point where you think after all that emotion and heartbreak, they're going to separate.

If like me you've enjoyed 'The Immortals' series I'll be surprised if you don't cry by the shocker in the last chapter.
A truly amazing read, a fantastic end to a truly wonderful series.


Savannah said...

I too was glad to final read the last book. I am also happy that everything was tied up nicely! Nice review!

Anonymous said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the book
ive read it all except from the last book
soooooooooooo excited!!!

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