Friday 29 July 2011

Read it and Visit it

So I had been given "The Name Of The Star" by the awesome people at Harper Collins. I hadnt heard about this novel before and when I got it I was quite excited. The cover was beautiful and the summary at the back sounded amazing. to top that off it was set in my home town London. Once I read this novel and fell in love with it I wanted to do something for its release... and celebrate its awesomeness especially because its about one of the most well known historys around the world. Jack The Ripper.......

As me and my friend Aminah travel through east London we never realised how old fashioned most of it truly is. The allys were spooky, the noises smells and just buildings. Here is an allyway that really caught our eye and from reading the novel I can totallly tell why Maureen wanted to write about this subject in all its glory. This is a famous allyway because it holds the Pub were a certain man use to live... check out the next picture.

Signs words:
(There have been numerous attempts to uncover the identiy of the man who
brutally murdered five East End Women between 31 August- 30 November 1888.
Amoungst those suspected were queen Victoria's heir, the Duke of  Clarence.
A Less prominent suspect was George Chapman, a barber/surgeon. who
at the time lived in the cellar of this pub, he was later found guilty of Poisoning
his three wives for which he was hung. Was he also Jack The Ripper?..)

There are many London places mentioned in Maureens books for example Trafalgar square, National Gallery, Charing Cross station and some Thrilling scary moments on the under ground and we just wanted to re live those moments without giving to much away before the release. Here are some of those moments.

(Name of the Star in Trafalgar square)

  (Name Of The Star in National Gallery. A place were a really scary/touching moment happens)

(London Underground. Where the most scariest and exciting things happen for Rory and her gang.
I have read nothing like it. Check out Aminah renacting one of the haunting moments for Rory)

(and another)

I just wanted to say that I truly love this book and want to thank Maureen Johnson for writing it. This book isnt at all Sterotypical and It truly feels Like by the end of this novel you have been on a rollercoaster of emotions. I can see why the awesome people at Harper Collins published it. I cannot wait for the next novel.
Thanks for Reading. Casey x


Savannah said...

OH, loved this post! Really neat to see all the places that are in the book!

Unknown said...

Wow. I'd like to do something like that. But I'm a little too far xD I really like yor post!

Joy said...

Awesome post! Thanks for taking the book around. It does give me a better idea of where some of the scenes took place. I loved Name of the Star as well!

Shanella said...

such a lovely post! I can't wait to read this =)

Lynsey Newton said...

Great post, it's nice to share the locations with readers :)

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