Sunday 3 July 2011

Interview: Mary Ting author of Crossroads

Mary Ting is a wonderful author who self published her first book, Crossroads. It is currently being republished and will be out later in August. I had the opportunity to asked Mary a few questions about the book. Hope you enjoy reading the interview questions as much as I've enjoyed talking with Mary!! You can read my review of Crossroads HERE. Also, Check out the Crossroads giveaway by commenting on the REVIEW PAGE.

1. If you could meet up & chat with one author who would it be and why?
It would have to be Stephenie Meyer because she wrote Twilight based on her dream.  Crossroads is also based on a couple of dreams I had in high school.  She was one of my inspirations to write this book. 
2. How long of a process is writing a book?
Ahhh!!!  I say this in a good and bad way.  First, it was so much fun writing about these characters, and many characters are based on people I know.  In some ways, Claudia is a lot like me, so her character was easy to write.  There was one time when I wiped out the last five chapters because my friend thought I could do better.  I’m glad she told me I could, but deleting those chapters brought me to tears. Then there is re-reading, re-writing and re-editing.  Let me just say that I found a new profound respect for authors. 

3. Did you always want to become a writer?
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever thought about becoming a writer.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t really enjoy reading.  I read because I had to.  Not until I became a teacher did I find reading truly enjoyable.  I started writing because it was a way for me to heal from the death of my grandmother.  She is also a character in my story-Gamma J.

4. What were some of your "inspirations" for writing this novel
One of my inspirations for writing this novel was my grandmother.  Writing was a way for me to heal.  Another inspiration was my dreams I had in high school.   I can vividly recall all the details of them, which comprises chapter one and two.
5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Besides spending time with my hubby and my two children, I enjoy shopping, watching movies, oil painting and making jewelries.  I also enjoy reading young adult novels.  They help me escape the stress of everyday life.

6. Which character in Crossroads was the most fun for you to write?
It’s difficult to say because many of the characters are based on people I know.  But I can narrow it down to two characters, Claudia and Michael.  Claudia’s character is based on me and my experiences.  The first car, the first job, camping, and yes…I was very sheltered…lol!!!  Michael is also somewhat based on my husband, the protector and romantic. I especially had fun writing about them being together and the chemistry of getting to know each other, knowing that they didn’t have that much time.

7. The end of Crossroads book there is a tiny snippet into the next book, can you give us a fun little spoiler about that next book?   
Austin plays a bigger role and there are more angels on earth.  I just finished up to chapter ten.  It’s still a rough draft but here are some teasers that I have not shared with anyone yet. 
“I give you my soul . . . willingly upon thee,” Claudia said reluctantly, as tears streamed down her face.  Aliah gave a deceiving smile and placed his left hand behind her back as if to give her a hug and with the other hand, drove his sword straight into her heart.  
“Love doesn’t just go away that easily.  It clings to your heart.  It goes with you wherever you go, even if you don’t want it to.  Love is like the ocean.  Sometimes it’s smooth and sometimes it’s rough, but it’s constant, it never dries out,” I stated, hoping this kind of love is not what he felt for her.  I love you, not her,” he said, inching his way toward me.


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