Monday 11 July 2011

Everlasting by Alyson Noel Blog Tour: Bloggers Brunch

Morning of the bloggers brunch me and Hayley were so excited to be heading to the Pan Macmillian building and meeting the awesome Alyson Noel (author of the Evermore series). Everything was all set out lovley when we went in! Some delisious foods such as muffins, brownies and lots of TEA! 

When alyson came in we sat in a circle and discussed a lot of things. Her books being made into movies was one. She told us that summit had bought the rights and were very excited about the project we discussed how many people have different interpretations of Damen and other characters and that we can't all cater to everyones needs. Also that if Summit don't make the movie it could be a TV show instead which Alyson is totally fine about.  We also discussed peoples versions on Alysons summerland, Casey mentioned the Movie the Lovely bones. In the movie Susie Samon goes into her "heaven" and Alyson thought that matched her somerland a lot. So if you guys watch the Lovely bones check out Susies Heaven.

Hayley asked what made Alyson write the spin of Riley Bloom series in which she told us that Riley was originally supposed to have a much shorter part in Evermore but she fell in love with the character and had to involve her more. Alyson said it was hard to say goodbye to Riley. Which stemed the Riley Bloom series. Alyson told us that Riley had such depth and that the series will continue with that. We were very happy to hear this as we Riley is one of our favourite characters! Radiance was very nearly called Riley and The Radiant Boys but that was too long so Radiance was born.


Alyson is excited about her new project in the Soul Seekers, in which she has been doing lots of research including a trip to New Mexico. She told us some really interesting things that will happen in her new series. its top secret but I can say that its going to be a world wind of a ride and Me and Hayley cannot wait to get our hands on it. It was awesome meeting Alyson and seeing all the bloggers and people at Macmillan it was a truly awesome day! Check out the novels we received in out goody bags and see what Alyson Noel so nicely wrote in my book :)

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Bleuette said...

I'm so jealous! I would have loved to have met Alyson Noel, happy to hear you enjoyed yourself! :)

Steph from said...

I have no idea what you mean about the required(?) creation that adds 10 to the contest. I would be thrilled to win and thank you for the opp'ty to enter, but I am flat out daily reading and blogging to help bring books to people and people to books (as well as other artistic endeavors involving the paranormal). All I can say is Rah, Allyson Write, write, write!

It must have been a fun event!

Jesse Owen (Reading to Life) said...

It sounds like it was a fun event, I wish I could have come :D

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