Thursday 9 June 2011

Book Review: Bleeding Violet By Dia Reeves

Name: Bleeding Violet
Author: Dia Reeves
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Summary: Love can be a dangerous thing....Hanna simply wants to be loved. With a head plagued by hallucinations, a medicine cabinet full of pills, and a closet stuffed with frilly, violet dresses, Hanna's tired of being the outcast, the weird girl, the freak. So she runs away to Portero, Texas in search of a new home.

Review: This novel has took me on a world wind ride on a roller-coaster that never stops. Odd, scary, beautiful, sad, angry and romantic moments that never fail to capture the imagination in the best possible way.When I first picked up this novel I had no idea what I was getting myself into. From the first page it had me hooked. The Manic depressive Hanna caught my attention straight away. She's nothing like any of the girls I have read about in YA far from it in fact. She's crazy but you love her for it. And you feel sorry for her even though she does some pretty bad and unforgettable things you cant help but relate to her. I love that at first you see Hanna as this Manic depressive girl but as soon as you get to know Portero she is actually normal compared to the things going on there

As soon as you read this novel you get sucked into the disturbing and brilliant place that is Portero. There's no place like it. It truly encapsulates you with its weirdness. There were some pretty scary moments for example the windows in Hannas new school. If you touch them the lure turn you into an ice sculpture.

The characters in this novel are amazing. You have Wyatt the love interest in this novel. Hes a truly nice guy and you see his character develop through out this novel as a noble guy who's head over heels for Hanna and doesn't care that she's a bit crazy and has to take loads of pills. Hannas Cold mother Rosalie who isn't that nice and through out the novel I kept shouting at the book for her to get a heart.

Another awesome aspect of this novel is there is non of that no sex and every girl is a virgin stuff. Because TEENAGERS DO HAVE SEX. And this novel proves it and I can truly say that this novel Is a young adult novel. A lot of reviews I have read said that the sex scenes are graphic for a 16 year old but I think their just fine.

I can safely say if you want to read a really interesting YA novel that you cant put down and want “OMG” moments then this is your novel, I can see why the awesome Simon and Schuster published it and I cannot wait to read Dias other novel Slice of Cherry because I cant wait to get back to the awesome scary place that is Portero.


Victoria said...

Thank god. I am so sick of the teens don't have sex bit. We all know they do and if we keep pretending they don't we're just plain stupid. May have to check this book out. Thanks for the review.

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