Thursday 31 March 2011

Reasons Why I haven't blogged so much

Hey peeps whats cracker lacking? well as you know if you follow my blog regularly I haven't blogged much or reviewed any books. Its not because I am lazy or cant be bothered because I truly love reading and it upsets me I havent got the time time. So why am I writting this you ask? well I feel like I should let you know whats happening in my life right now.

So in april Dark Readers have an awesome project coming up. It involves the book Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon which is being published by Usborne Publishers and is coming out in May. Its kinda a surprise but this picture will probably show what we are doing....

Next thing is you probably dont know this about me but since I was younger ive always wanted to work backstage at a theatre in the wardrobe and make-up department. So I asked my nearest job center if they could get me some work experience and well a couple of weeks ago I had a group interview with the production team from the London Colesium. 8 weeks work experience and then getting a referance after it. Now just yesturday I got a call back for an assessment day. AHHH :)


So basically I have to go to the theatre at 10am next week and they're going to show me around and test me on things I can and cannot do. This would be a dream come true! to actually work in a professional theatre in the west end. So cross your fingers for me guys! :)


Bungle said...

Hope all goes well!! I know how you feel! I'm finally working in an art gallery doing a job I love more than anything! Still at the bookshop to lol! I'm sure you'll do just great!!

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