Thursday 10 March 2011

Firelight by Sophie Jordon Blog Tour: Romance is not dead

Name: Firelight
Author: Sophie Jordon
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Hey guys so Dark readers were asked to be part the UK blog for Firelight by Sophie Jordon and we jumped at the chance. I had been hearing a lot of good things about this novel and couldnt wait to get my hands on a copy. When I finally did I couldnt put it down. Check out my review here we asked the awesome Sophie a few questions about the romance of the novel and here are her answers!

1. Within the genre of YA what attracted you to paranormal romance?

When I decided to write a YA, I knew it would have a paranormal element within it because paranormal elements (be it werewolves, vampires or in Firelight’s case – the draki!) always raise the stakes and heighten every situation. There is just something exciting about taking the familiar of our contemporary world and throwing it on its ear by introducing something supernatural into the fray.
As for romance – it’s what I know and love. I’ve been reading romance for years, and I’ve been writing it long before I came up with the idea for Firelight.  I don’t think I can enjoy a book without a least a thread of romance in it. Romance is all about relationships – people. It is life at its most fundamental.
A good story is all about conveying the emotions of its characters. And this is done no better than when romance/love/desire is involved.

2. Where did you get the inspiration for Dragons falling in love with their Hunters?

Well, the romance can’t be easy for either my hero or heroine – that’s always been rule number one for me. The h/h relationship has to be hard and “starcrossed” or there’s not enough conflict. And without enough conflict, readers get bored.
Jacinda was fully formed in my mind first. I knew she was a fire-breathing draki. It just came down to a question of what kind of guy would be most “wrong” for her. And that’s how I came up with hunter-boy Will.

3. What is your favourite scene in the book between Jacinda and Will?

Oh, tough one! Well, the very first scene where they meet, she in draki form and he as a hunter, is probably my favorite. That was the first time I put them down on paper and “met” them outside the workings of my imagination. Also, the last scene of the book between Will and Jacinda pulls at my heart. I think I might have been weeping by the time I finished it.

4. What is difficult for you when writing romantic scenes? 

It’s very natural and probably one of my favorite parts of writing. Intense scenes flow easily for me because I can see it happening all so clearly in my head – and romantic scenes are, of course, some of the most intense!

5. Will there be lots more romance in the sequel Vanish?
Oh, most definitely! And I’ll leave you wondering who that romance may involve. Jacinda, of course ... but who might she be involved with? Hmm.

:OO WHAT?!?! that last answer was an exclusive to me! what? Jacinda is going to fall in love with someone else? Noooo. Thanks Sophie and Oxford publishers for this awesome post

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its an Interview on Draki lore with Sophie Jordan.


Good Choice Reading said...

Great interview!! I love Firelight!

Sophie, that is my favorite scene as well! :-)

Leanna Elle said...

Oooh, I'm thinking Jacinda and Cassian get closer?? Great love triangle right there!

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