Monday 28 February 2011

The Bleeders Blog Tour: Cover Reveal The Human Hearders (Sequel to The Bleeders)

OMG isn't it GOOD? its so Gritty. Its very eye catching and scary! I haven't seen anything like it. It just makes me want to push Fia out the way so I can see whos Following her!! cant wait till its released! :)

Summary: Sophia Taylor thought she was free… Free of the visions, the voices and the nightmares. But when a fire at Tranquil Hill Mental Facility causes Henry Blaire, her beloved daemon, to disappear—Sophia knows she must find him again. But a new faction of humans who are involved with daemons seem to be running the human capital of England (London) and the daemon capital (Rosen City) and are slowly taking over. They are out for blood; Fia’s blood specifically, which has a surprisingly low alcohol count. And she has a sneaking suspicion that she knows who is behind it all… Two people are at the centre of Fia’s worst nightmares. The first gave Sophia the means of her insanity and the second gave Henry immortal life.


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