Monday 31 January 2011

L.A Weatherlys US Cover Release!

Heres the new released US cover of L.A Weatherlys YA Novel Angel. Its going to be released from Walker books in the US on the 29th of May. I have read this book and its a fantastic book its part of a trilogy so two more awesome books to come! US readers are going to fall in love with it!! isn't the cover pretty? I do prefer the UK cover though!

Author: L.A Weatherly
Summary: In a world where angels are beyond redemption, Alex thinks he's found one that might deserve mercy. Alex is a ruthless assassin - of angels. Forget everything you've heard about them before. Angels are not benign celestial creatures, but fierce stalkers whose irresistible force allows them to feed off humans, draining them of their vitality until there is barely anything left.

As far as Alex is concerned, the only good angel is a dead angel...until he meets Willow. She may look like a normal teenager but Willow is no ordinary girl. Half-angel, half-human, Willow may hold the key to defeating the evil angels. But as the hunter and the hunted embark on an epic and dangerous journey and Willow learns the dark and terrifying secrets of her past, Alex finds himself drawn to Willow...with devastating consequences. Eoin Colfer reinvented the fairy, Stephenie Meyer reinvented the vampire, L.A. Weatherly reinvents the angel!

This is a heart-pounding, knuckle-whitening, paranormal romance action-adventure for fans of the "Twilight" series. This is the first in a devastating new trilogy


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