Thursday 30 September 2010

Book review: Angel by L.A Weatherly


Ordinary mortals yearn to catch a glimpse of one of these stunning beings and thousands flock to The Church of Angels to feel their healing touch.
But what if their potent magnetism isn't what it seems?
Willow knows she's different from other girls. And not just because she loves tinkering around with cars.

Willow has a gift. She can look into people's futures, know their dreams, their hopes and their regrets, just by touching them. But she has no idea where she gets this power from.
Until she meets Alex…

Alex is one of the few who know the truth about angels. He knows Willow's secret and is on a mission to stop her.
The dark forces within Willow make her dangerous – and irresistible.
In spite of himself, Alex finds he is falling in love with his sworn enemy.

*May contain spoilers*

Angel is a Fantastic book for people who enjoy forbidden love novels. It also has an amazing different view on Angels. When you think of Angels you think beautiful, kind, never evil, But L.A Weatherly doesn't see it that way. Angels in “Angel” are beautiful yes. but kind? Ha count yourself lucky. These Angels Hypnotise you with their beauty and suck the energy out of you. Putting this twist on Angels really has you hooked from the beginning of the book.

I loved the storyline. A girl on the run due to thousands of angels around America maybe even the world trying to hunt her down due to the fact she is a risk to them. She could destroy them all. Oh and on the way she falls in love with a AK (Angel killer). Who comes up with this stuff? Haha

This book definitely shows a damsel in distress in a very over powering way. Its very lets say “Girl Power” orientated Williows not your typical girl. She's a mechanic, Psychic and has mostly looked after herself since she was little due to her Mums lets say illness. She's very independent too. I think by L.A Weatherly doing this a lot of girls can relate more to Willow. Not the fact she's half Angel just that fact she's going through a hard time but still is thriving.

Alex. Oh the wonderful Alex the trained Angel assassin. AK (Angel Killers). He is defiantly up there with one of my favourite characters in the novels I have read. He's going through a lot and finds it hard to show Willow how he's actually feeling. He is sexy and a mans man and I am sure once you read this book you will agree with me.

Through out the book the sexual tension is too much! I keep praying (no pun intended) in the next scene they would just kiss or tell each other how they actually feel. Their relationship at the beginning is very love/slash hate. One minute they like each other then the next their not talking for hours. Some scenes between them in this book are very hot and heavy which is always great if you like that sort of thing.

Angel is a beautifully written debut novel. The fact its not all in the first person its from Willows, alex's, Raziel and jonahs points of view makes the book more interesting and I thought the idea of a half angel was really cool. The twists and turns in the plot kept me guessing on what was going to happen in the end. I didn't see the *almost* end coming, which always makes a good book even better. The fact that it wasn't exactly a happy ending and does leave you guessing for the next book is a fantastic way to end it. Buy the book its amazing!


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