Thursday 19 August 2010

Our Trip to the British Library

Wouldn't it be cool to Get a backstage pass to the British library? The library that holds original works of Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Emily Brontë`s desk and a lock of her hair! These are just some of the Amazing things Dark readers got to see and touch! Downfall was we didn't get to take hardly any pictures due to copy right but we have a few we can share.

ur Day started off by travelling to Kings cross (place they filmed Harry Potter BTW XD) it was about 9am because we was warned that there was a lot to see. So once we got there we had to travel all the way down into the basements. In my mind when someone says basements I think stuffy, dark...scary?. These basements were far from that.

They had air-conditioning, Bright lights, machines everywhere and MILLIONS of books and bookshelves it was like heaven XD. We got taken to the most secure part of the library why is it so secure you ask? WELL Shakespeare himself was down there...haha only kidding but his manuscripts and first ever published books of all his plays. Romeo and Juliet! (Particularly excited about that one) Hamlet, Macbeth etc... touching these books was amazing they were so delicate and smelled so old.

We Also got to touch and read Charles Dickens Oliver twist! I couldn't believe my eyes. The first ever published book. So old and frail but yet so amazing!. Hundreds of years old, Millions of pounds and we were there touching and reading them. The high light of the day was Actually touching Emily Brontë`s desk and a lock of her hair! I know I know creepy yes lock of hair but come on this is the women who wrote wuthering heights...I rest my case. (so gutted we couldn't take a picture D: ) Want to hear something cool? All these books where kept in a non Oxygen room basically so no water or anything can ruin them so we had to wait till the room was filled with Oxygen... kinda cool.

Oh another great High light of the day was seeing Kind George the thirds Own library collection. I thought it was just going to be maybe a hundred books or so...oh how wrong I was there was so many I couldn't keep count I really waned to read them and see what he was interested in... our tour guide (one of Dark Readers friends dad) said that they were mostly about religion and Politics... you wouldn't find any paranormal romances... XD.

Dark readers had no idea that to see all this you had to ask so many people and have a pretty good reason to see this stuff. And we just asked our friends dad. It was a dream come true and one we wont forget :)


aurora M. said...

wow! lUCKY YOU! I am pea green with envy. Glad you had a wonderful adventure.

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