Tuesday 10 August 2010

Dark Readers Reading List: The Bleeders by Michaela Haze

The Bleeders: Sophia Taylor knew that her life had gotten pretty surreal when she woke up on her sofa, bleeding from the head, with her boyfriend Henry smoking her cheap cigarettes (which he never hesitated to complain about before).

Why was this surreal?

1- Because she was only bleeding because he had effectively pushed her down the stairs.

2- He, being Henry Blaire, her boyfriend, but also the man that she had paid ten thousand pounds to murder the two killers of her sister Alison.

3- Henry was smoking all of her cigarettes because she was bleeding from the head.

4- Which would have been so bad if Henry wasn't an incubus with an addiction to human blood and killing the scum of the earth to get it.

There, Sophia's secret. And all she used to worry about was a double shift at the bar and when her cupboard at home was running low on vodka and peanuts.

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